D. Lynch is a scam

Recently, there has been yet another series of lies from Dan, attempting to claim that he paid me out of our deals and “Kept business 100” with me.

So, the first deal I entered into with Dan went like this:

Dan had executive produced a track called “Red Room” featuring Hopsin, Yaydo, Josiah Woods & Highrise. He had come across a business called “Royalty Exchange” through whom you could sell parts of, or your entire catalogue to investors, who would outlay lump sums of money in an auction style process for the rights/royalties for the tracks/catalogues.

The investment was 25% of the rights (publishing and royalties) for the track “Red Room”. I did not produce or have any involvement in the creation of this track, however this was pitched to me as a stable investment (royalty statements included) so we went ahead with it.

These royalties were to be paid monthly, within 15 days of Dan receiving from the various streaming platforms. This happened maybe once in the contractually agreed timeframes.

He was always making excuses as to why the payments were late, ranging from:

  • “My paypal was shut down!”
  • “My identity was stolen!”
  • “My secretary was meant to pay you last week!”
  • “This is just how the industry is!”

And various other forms of it not being his fault. I was pretty patient, right up towards the end, to where I was seeing him brag about how much he made from music, yet tracking towards our monthly payments evolving into quarterly payments. It wasn’t the unpaid royalties that upset me, that was small potatoes. It was the constant lies, all the while claiming to be a life coach, business coach, investor.

Come on…

Oh yeah, and the $3k USD that went missing.

So, the deal he’s tried to link this to was the Joyner Lucas deal, which is wrong. He did however, pay me a percentage from a deal he made with Royalty Exchange. He sold 25% of the royalties of his entire catalogue for $35,500 – See here for the closing value. This was a one time deal, and not a regular income as Dan would have his followers believe. Red room made up 16% total royalties, I received 25% of that. Let’s do some numbers!

SO, out of $2k USD I’d thrown in, I’d received $1,437.88 AUD back (AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS) – which is about $1,020 USD (as of November 2018), or approx 50% of the investment returned and we were tracking at having this break even at some stage within the next year, assuming he continued to pay royalties. Why wouldn’t he? He made the contract, he was the businessman…

We were still totally cool while all this was going down… Despite his inability to correctly calculate numbers, we were cool.

In fact, ALL transactions between us are below. I’ll do the calculations quickly for you:

Money sent TO Dan/Lauren/Red Label Records – $6,050 USD (as of November 24th, 2018 – $8,360 AUD)

Money received FROM Dan/Red Label Records – $1,800 USD (as of November 24th, 2018 – $2,487 AUD)

Overall, since “working” with D. Lynch, I’d made a 70% loss of investment. Any way you look at these numbers, and what lead to these numbers, this man should not have access to the internet, let alone a paypal account (which more often than not, he doesn’t), bank account or even a smartphone – which is what he uses create most of his fraudulent video content.

Note that he even tried to take the royalties back at one stage (boxed in yellow), which he failed to do as I contacted Paypal with the same evidence below


D. Lynch - Scam, Fraud, Lies, Theft
D. Lynch Fraud - May 17th
Red Label Records
Scam & Fraud
Red Label Records
Red Label Records Scam
D. Lynch; Fraudster
Red Label Records & Dan Byelich

As of November 2018, we’re now dealing with bogus claims that I’ve attacked a family member of his who passed away – With no proof of this happening… But who cares about proof when they live in a pretend world with a pretend rap career? 

Dan Byelich. More Lies.

Even in this disturbing facebook tirade, he went on to make claims that are disproven through reflecting on a past facebook message. The key element here is the claim for the 5 month period he went on tour, which is the justification for why he never even started the Joyner project. Below, he stated to me directly, that he was going for 10 days. Not even close to 5 months. 

Apparently, Joyner was ready in March, yet we still had zero movement in July… However, 12 days to write a beat at this stage was still doable especially considering he claimed sometimes he’d have to turn urgent projects around in a day. I was game.

Back to the present.

When you introduce reality to psychopaths who create their own world, and start to remove the fabric of their illusions, they become aggressive and lie out of desperation. These lies are transparent and it’s not long before they attack those who are exposing them. This has extended from myself, to my friends and to my wife (who simply laughed it off, as did I, as did my friend). 

FYI – There is also a trait discussed in psychology, known as “projecting“.

See below, from Wikipedia.

Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.[1] For example, a person who is habitually rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude. It incorporates blame shifting.”

See here for full article

D Lynch - Empty Threats

Below- To my wife, from his Facebook page. What a gentleman.

Dan threatens Dana

I have to stress once again, that none of us have any idea why we’re being accused of contacting family members. We’d love to see the proof. 

Below – Dan alluding to being a part of Reel Wolf.

Dan lying to Steve

Below – a member of the community who knows Reel Wolf personally dismissing Dan’s claims to Steve; who is one of the many people Dan has taken money from and not provided a service.

Dan is full of shit

Below – Dan attacking and threatening Steve, who he also ripped off for approx $2k.

D Lynch, Liar, Fraud, Thief

So, after seeing these threats against myself, my friends, my wife, his past business associates, his constant lies about being part of something that he isn’t, having connections that he doesn’t, taking money for services yet never rendering those services, spreading malicious, unfounded and unproven rumours designed to negatively skew credibility in order to save his reputation (which only exists in his mind, and his facebook page) – I think it’s safe to say that this man should be avoided at all costs. 

He has zero business acumen, zero conflict resolution skills, no interest in furthering anyone but himself and a history of scamming people who were previously unconnected to each other. If this article and the time invested in writing it can save at least one unsuspecting producer from losing their hard earned money – It was worth it.

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